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I wanted to write a blog about SEO as I cleaned up the SEO for this site. In the very beginning, I was thinking SEO. As far as content was concerned I made sure to write well written original content, I researched the keywords people use when searching for such services as I offer, I did my best to use words and phrases I want my site and pages to be found for, I titled pages and paragraphs appropriately, gave names to images and the image alt to be SEO effective. As far as Architecture I made sure it was easily crawled by Google and other search engines, I made sure the site worked across all devices and was loaded quickly across all devices, I kept my url as specific as I could, I also install “Yoast SEO” on all sites; it’s a wicked tool to help you with SEO on your WordPress site. With Yoast I can edit the meta-data; I edited each page ‘title’ and ‘description’ as well as picking a focused keyword for each individual page. This is all on-site SEO; SEO you can improve yourself. There is also off-the-page factors that one must consider, these I will discuss another day.

I am now considering filtering the site and seeing what I can improve. My first protocol is Google AdWords. This will show me how many times a particular search term is used based on “targeting” categorisation; meaning I can check how many times a term was searched in “Galway” in “Ireland” or the entire “World” It also allows you to enter your ‘product or service’ and it will give you ideas.

You can see in the image above that ‘ web development Ireland ‘ is searched on Google a average of 480 times per month and the “Competition” is low. Competition is the number of advertisers that showed on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google. It is a good thing that it has “low” as competition rating as you will find it easier for web development ireland to work for you. In truth I am surprised by this; still it seems that people will be more geographical precise. Take Web design Galway for example, you can see below that it has “High” competition in comparison as people want to be more specific.

SEO is a forever expanding side to the internet world, you will find that there are companies dedicated solely to SEO and will charge you nice money to become SEO effective on you site. You will also have companies that will use methods that will do magical things for your SEO; however these things are frowned upon by Google and like Icarus if you fly to close to the sun you may get burned and your site blacklisted, so watch out.

So there you go a quick blog about web development Ireland and SEO. I might just add here the whole purpose of the blog was to get a page on my site that mentions web development Ireland enough times without it sounding all wrong. This is actually a good reflection on the advantage of blogging as it builds onto you site in an organic way and Google will see that your site is alive and well; something they like. I may also add that the ‘competition rating’ for keywords is based on Google Ads, so it reflects more so on ads; than sites using the term web development Ireland as a focus keyword on a specific page.

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