Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

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One Website to rule them all

Responsive websites are the way forward, as the 21st of April 2015, all mobile searches on Google are designed to return mobile friendly websites first. Responsive web design is just that, it is a means of development that the website is aware of the platform it is been viewed upon. Depending on screen size the website will reformat itself to suit the device. This is designed primarily for one thing – USABILITY. Here at Lore Web Design we incorporate our artistic background with our software background to bring our clients highly thought out websites.

Why choose Responsive?

The real question here is ‘why not?’ Responsive websites are no longer a luxury, it is a requirement. As of the end of 2014 almost three billion – 40% of the world’s population – are using the internet and 80% of those internet users own a smartphone. It is estimated that 67% of people are more willing to browse and purchase goods from a mobile friendly website, while 61% of people are eager to leave non-mobile friendly – pinch and zoom is a tedious task they can do without. Internet browsing is changing in Ireland, more and more are taking to their smartphone and tablet to go online. With Lore Web Design, you will be ready to join the avant-garde and move swiftly into the future.

Recent Responsive Websites

Here is a collection of some projects we have had the privilege to work on with some great people and organisations. Each new project is an experience for Lore to apply something we love doing, so please take a look.

Photographers Websites

Enjoyed this project, worked on it for a neighbour and a friend, so got to criticise all his work, all constructive of course. This project required large public photo galleries and private galleries behind portals for Padraic’s clients to view there photo’s.
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Fine Artists Websites

This was more than enjoyable; I had studied with Arlene and was a big fan of her work. I actually approached her and advised she build a website with my guidance. Arlene was a joy to work with, and the website ended up been nominated for an award; bonus!
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videographer website example on flat design laptop

Videographers Websites

Graham and I met on a business course last year. He mentioned he was after a nice website and I said once you are ready I am your man. Graham and I have remained friends and advise each other all the time of good practice regarding contracts and the likes.
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Why is Responsive important?

Leaner, faster, super-accessible websites which respond to their environment.

Future Proof

Web trends are constantly changing, however for now responsive web design is covering all major screens people are using and will be using into the future.


Getting people to read the content is key. Responsive web design allows for ease of use. This combined with aesthetically pleasing design will allow for a good user experience.

Lower costs

Seen as only one web address, one codebase, and only one version of content is required – Responsive websites saves you time and money.

SEO Friendly

Responsive web design is key in this new world of mobile devices. Mobile-friendly websites is essential for any good SEO strategies.
image of a flat design laptop and other  office objects, on the screen of laptop is the lore home page floating logo
image of a flat design laptop and other  office objects, on the screen of laptop is the lore home page floating logo

Does this sound interesting?

This website reflects us, and your website should reflect you and/or your business. The internet is the new place to find information. It is becoming the first stop for most when looking for just about anything. Having a website lets you be found and gives you control, allows you to gain credibility, saves you money, enables you to keep your customers informed, gives you a space to showcase your work, helps you build a email list and find new clients. Lore Web Design truly believe a well crafted website will engage the visitor and give you more chance of been the one they choose. We have attached this enquiry form to the website, it is NOT MANDATORY. You are more than welcome to contact us via the contact form via email or by phone for a quick chat.
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