Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Lore Web Design fully understand this can be a daunting task; there are many factors that need to be considered. Lore Web Design approaches all jobs as a new entity; for each person will have a different level of understanding of the process. Clients have different requirements, tasks and goals they want their site to achieve and for this reason we find it is best to start with a few well structured questions similar to those found in the enquiry form to give both you and Lore an idea of what is required. After a casual chat where we throw ideas back and forth in relation to function, content or design can be surprisingly beneficial for creation. I will also go through all the design principles we use and explain why we use them.

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Website costs depend upon the requirements, whether you require an informational website with few pages or a full-fledged complex website. It hinges upon how complex your solution is and the technologies required. Obviously a basic website will be much cheaper than a database driven e-commerce solution. Please feel free to contact us for quote.
Each new job gets my full attention and time. We pride ourselves on been very punctual while working hard and fast. Each job will vary depending on the requirements and this will have an effect on the time it will take. We will keep in contact the whole way through the build and Lore will give clear timelines throughout.
There are many factors that must be considered, first of all, what search terms is it you want to be on page one of Google for? I mean if someone searches for “flowers in Galway” unless you are a flower shop what good is this for you? You have to ask the question then, “What search terms do I want to be found under?” Once you establish this I shall optimise your site for these terms. I do not offer SEO per se, however I can explain all to you and how to go by getting yourself up the charts.
You will need to find your voice and write your content. I can work with you to make it work for the site. I find looking at your peers, and sites in a similar field to yours will help, as we all learn from each other [ plagiarising content will not work as it will kill your SEO rankings ]. I must add many people think you can just get all your images online for free this is far from the truth as copyright laws are a lot more strict than they once were. Images for the site will need to be large and clean and such images can come with a cost from a stock photo company, a photographer or you may of course use your own images.

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Yes Lore Web Design will implement a system with you that will take scheduled backups of your site.
The Content Management Systems really are very easy to use and Lore Web Design will give you a full tutorial on your website to make sure you have a comfortable understanding of how it all works. Read more about the content management system here
Lore Web Design shall add a module to your website to allow you to view the website traffic of your site on your dashboard. Also for a more detailed look, you will be able to view it with Google analytics where you will see things like visitors country, age, time on site etc.
The most readily used Search Engine Optimisation plugin used on WordPress today is YOAST. Lore Web Design has studied in-depth all the features the plug-in has to offer and have learned how to deploy it effectively on all our builds. Lore Web Design have also studied tutorials on Lynda and Udemy to give us a very rounded understanding of Search Engine Optimisation; and we can safely share good practice rules with you. However, it must be said S.E.O. is a very complicated field that by right is another facet entirely and one we can discuss further if required.

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Contracts will vary; the standard agreement is 50% up front and the final 50% when the site is completed.
Yes, all the sites we build at Lore Web Design are full responsive and will pass Google’s mobile-friendly test tool which makes it ready for the new world of internet browsing
Security is a top priority to us at Lore Web Design. We spent a lot of time studying and figuring out a security system that would work for us and in turn work for you. Our security implementation has a proven record of standing strong to attacks from Russia and American to date.
Currently Lore Web Design use Blacknight in Carlow. They are a fine Irish company to work with and we find their servers to be perfect for all the sites we have on them. It’s important to use Irish servers as it means you are protected under Irish law.