Effective Branding

Effective Branding

Remember a brand is not just a logo, a brand is all the visual artifacts related to your business.

Effective Branding?

A brand is not just a logo, it is many factors such as the colours you use, the words you use, the overall aesthetics of your business will have a strong say on how you are perceived initially. This can be a breaking point for many in this new imagery based environment that we live in. You will want a brand that represents you, one you are proud of and one you want people to see. After all this is what marketing is, it is having the world know your story. So let’s work together and have your story told with an effective brand.

Why choose Lore?

What can we do for you? We have experience in the fine arts and as well as the world of software engineering; it’s a nice mix that works. We find that metaphysically every person already knows what he or she wants. The reality is we have the skills to make it happen. Do not forget your business does not define you; you define it. Working together we can find something beautiful; something you can talk about with pride. We find when asked the right questions, you will tell us what you want. Lore will then sketch it out on paper and we will find something together.

Logo Design

old logo of lore web design

Our Old Logo

Logo for Frames Per Second

Frames Per Second

Logo for Frames Per Second

Arlene mcPadden

jm road marking logo

JM Road Marking

lore web design logo

Lore Web Design

Alt Text

Your Business Here

PRO TIP: A brand can define you, we all choose things every day based on branding, so have people choose you based on yours.

Business Cards

Business Card of Lore Web design
lore web deisgn business card back
Arelene McPadden Business Card front
Arlene McPadden Business Card back
lore web design business card front
lore web design business card back
arlene mcpadden business card front
arlene mcpadden business card back
frames per second business card front
frames per second business card back

PRO TIP: Business cards have lots of benefits, it is not simply a piece of card with you details on it. A good looking business card will encompass all you are and all you stand for.

Social Media Design

Lore Web Design understands the importance of your social media platforms; in November 2014 a MRBI social media survey found that 60% of people in Ireland have a Facebook account, and 72% of them check their account everyday. On Facebook’s latest 2015 Q1 stats 85% of Facebook’s 936 million daily active users log in via a mobile device. This is why Lore Web design feels it is important to optimise your banner that it will look as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. Social media marketing is a powerful tool to share real-time information with such ease in today’s world. It can build your brand’s integrity with the right posts. This is why we decided to create two slideshows below, if you view this site on a desktop you will see desktop versions, and on your mobile you will see the mobile versions.

  • lore web design top of facebook page
  • charity facebook page screenshot
  • facebook page screenshot artist

  • mobile version of lore web design facebook page screenshot
  • mobile version of peru children's charity facebook page

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