Content Management System

Content Management System

Content Management Made Simple

What is CMS?

Content Management Systems make life simple for the website owner. It allows you to make technical adjustments without prior technical knowledge. Once your website is completed we shall give you a walkthrough on how it all works. A basic definition of a content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modification of content all from a central interface. Not only does it take care of all these front-end functions it is also used to make a variety of back-end (behind the page) changes such as adding users and permissions, it allows for simple updates and security changes. The real key to a good CMS is tight security; websites are hacked every day, so from the start it’s important to have all the correct security in place. Lore will code all this into your website and make it easy for you to make updates into the future.

How technical must I be?

Lore will provide you with all the information you need to update and maintain your website. The goal is that we will hand the website over to you, when we are done. This way there will be no monthly maintenance costs like other companies charge. We will build the website in such a way that you will be able to post new pages to your blog with a carefree interface. Also, all sites have a collection of modules, plug-ins and other pieces of software working in the back-end. All these will require updating into the future; don’t panic. We will build the website in a way that a few clicks of a few buttons will do the trick. Your website is like anything else it will require your attention from time to time, if you have not got that time we may discuss another solution for your particular needs.

Content Management Sytems

What really are the main features?


A good content management system makes it easy for you to get publishing information to your website that you want people to see and all as simple as composing a word document.


You may have someone in mind that will manage your website; in fact you may have a few different people. Not everyone requires the same access to your website; a good CMS will allow you to edit the user roles.


A good content management system programmed with secure applications will allow you to expand to your website easily going into the future. You feel it’s now time to add an e-commerce store to your website; we can do that.

SEO Friendly

Seach Engine Optimisation has to do with good practices to allow websites to get higher ranking in search engine results. There is many factors to consider; we can set you up on the right path to achieve your goals.
image of a flat design laptop and other office objects, on the screen of laptop is the lore home page floating logo
image of a flat design laptop and other office objects, on the screen of laptop is the lore home page floating logo

Does this sound interesting?

This website reflects us, and your website should reflect you and/or your business. The internet is the new place to find information. It is becoming the first stop for most when looking for just about anything. Having a website lets you be found and gives you control, allows you to gain credibility, saves you money, enables you to keep your customers informed, gives you a space to showcase your work, helps you build a email list and find new clients. Lore Web Design truly believe a well crafted website will engage the visitor and give you more chance of been the one they choose. We have attached this enquiry form to the website, it is NOT MANDATORY. You are more than welcome to contact us via the contact form via email or by phone for a quick chat.
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